Welcome to the Modification Store

Here you can view the available options for purchase. What you can buy for your character will be constrained by their species, type, and conditions, as well as your available tokens. All species sections pertain to unafflicted individuals unless otherwise specified (vampires can only recieve mods from the vampire section, and lycans from the lycan section).

To make a purchase, send a pm to one of the moderators specifying the desired item, its price, and the character you'd like to give it to. The price will be deducted from your tokens, and you can update the character's bio with the modification and begin using its effects in roleplay once you recieve a confirmation of purchase.

[+] additional fire resistance -- While this does not make your character invulnerable, this does reduce their susceptability to burns, which can be useful if they're a vampire hunter or if they've made enemies with a drake. 100 tokens.

[+] clairvoyance -- Upon physical contact, your character receives mental flashes of a recent or strong memory connected with the person or object they've touched. The ability is involuntary and not controlled at will. 50 tokens.

[+] third eye -- With careful study and meditation on the magical arts, a human can acquire the ability to see through the illusions of fairy glamour and even detect a camoflauged nymph. Literal eyeballs not included. 150 tokens.

[+] supernatural strength -- A lifetime of dedication (or perhaps just a bribe in the hands of the right genie) has rewarded your character with the magical ability to call upon inhuman strength, rivaling that of any vampire. 500 tokens.

[+] share the love -- Your character gathers the ingredients to cast a spell on the home of another being, extending to them the same protection from vampires that humans take for granted. Can only be used once per purchase. 250 tokens.

[+] book of earth -- This arcane spellbook contains the secrets of geokinesis, unlocking the power to manipulate earth and stone at will. 500 tokens.

[+] book of flame -- This arcane spellbook contains the secrets of pyrokinesis, unlocking the power to mentally control and extinguish any existing fire. 300 tokens.

[+] magic meds -- This item lessens your character's allergic reaction to metal. They'll be able to touch metal and use metal tools without breaking into hives, but not without some discomfort. 20 tokens.

[+] flight -- It's about time those wings were useful for something. Restricted to pixies. 75 tokens.

[+] short-distance teleportation -- This allows your character to depart and reappear in a different place in rapid speed. This ability cannot be used for traveling distances of more than fifteen miles, and the farther the distance, the more draining it is on the character physically. 100 tokens.

[+] invisibility -- Exactly what it says on the tin: the ability for your character to make it impossible for themselves to be seen. Other means of detection still apply. 300 tokens.

[+] enchanter -- In combination with superior gemcutting skills, your character has learned how to place enchantments on gemstones, which can then be sold to nymphs for a tidy profit. Restricted to goblins. 500 tokens.

[+] siren's call -- This spellbinding song lures its listeners towards your character (and into the thread). However, the effect is negated once the listener gets close. In order to summon a specific character, yours needs to have met them before and learned their name. Restricted to kelpies. 75 tokens.

[+] gills -- An item to grant your character the ability to breathe underwater, without affecting the ability to breathe on land. Restricted to water nymphs. 150 tokens.

[+] levitation -- This allows your character to become light as a feather and lift themselves into the air by a few feet or so. Restricted to vila. 150 tokens.

[+] summoning -- With this purchase, your character will be able to summon plants from the ground at will, though these plants cannot be weaponized. Restricted to dryads. 150 tokens.

[+] nature's blessing -- This item is a pendant that, when worn around your character's neck, helps to protect them from harm and toughen their skin, so that it will be only as sensitive as a human's. 200 tokens.

[+] enchanted gemstone -- Depending on their type, your character gains the advanced ability to control water, create storms, or manipulate briars and poisonous plants. This ability can be used offensively but cannot be sustained for long periods of time. 500 tokens.

[+] sharptooth -- Buy this and your character will be outfitted with a sharp set of reptilian fangs. 50 tokens.

[+] mood ring scales -- A giraffe can't change its spots, but a drake can change their scales. 100 tokens.

[+] augmented firebreath -- This item takes your character's firebreath ability from a few sparks to a full-fledged flame. 400 tokens.

[+] immunity to vampirism -- Most beings can't be killed by a vampire bite alone. Buy this item and your character can say the same. 200 tokens.

Volant Spirits
[+] glasses and a mustache -- With a cheap imitation of fairy glamour magic, your volant casts a spell that hides their wings from view and makes their eyes appear more human. 75 tokens.

[+] duck oil -- Like water off a duck's back, this item will protect a volant's wings so that they can still fly, no matter how wet they get. Fuzzies, get your mind out of the gutter. 150 tokens.

[+] extended range -- This augments a volant's telekinetic abilities to reach twice the normal distance. 150 tokens.

[+] mind over matter -- With this purchase, your character will be able to exert control over their transformations and shift whenever they please, without pain. 50 tokens.

[+] halfing -- This item grants your character the ability to shift into a form somewhere between a wolf and a human. 250 tokens.

[+] shapeshifter -- For each one of these that you purchase, you can add another animal to your lycan's shapeshifting repetroire. Please specify which animal in your pm to the staff as well as in the character bio. 500 tokens.

[+] immunity to garlic -- Tired of pesky herbs getting in the way of business? Those don't have to be a problem anymore. 250 tokens.

[+] automatic healing -- Now cuts and wounds will just take care of themselves. 100 tokens.

[+] headless horseman -- Your character performs an arcane ritual and gains the ability to survive decapitation... but is decapitated in the process. 100 tokens.

[+] daywalker -- Buy this and your character will no longer have to shy away from the light. 400 tokens.

[+] handwing -- This item grants your character the ability to transform into a bat and back to their original form again at will. 500 tokens.

To suggest additional items for the store, you can create a new thread in the Comment Box and discuss your idea with the other members and staff.


jayRIOT !: lol well at least there's that then Mar 11, 2014 23:56:13 GMT
Hunter: Other than Eli being a pain in the neck again? Not too much, nah. Mar 11, 2014 22:25:09 GMT
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Azurelle: Positive. I only use one password for these proboard accounts, and 2 usernames. Besides, it doesn't tell me I entered things wrong. It redirects me to the home page but I'm still not logged in. Mar 4, 2014 23:48:00 GMT
Shatteredverse: Hi :) Mar 4, 2014 22:00:04 GMT
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avery: not from what i can tell. are you sure you entered your password and stuff correctly? Feb 26, 2014 22:23:36 GMT
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Browners//Hellsing: Hi hunter Feb 25, 2014 20:05:57 GMT
raze: We need more for party for the lost if anyone is interested. Feb 25, 2014 7:20:31 GMT
jayRIOT !: It might take a minute though; honey just got home and he's going to take up the internet for his PS4 addiction....hahaha Feb 25, 2014 2:34:00 GMT
jayRIOT !: I could probably come up with something ^^ Feb 25, 2014 2:33:38 GMT
Hunter: They're in a thread in the library right now. Any chance Kaelynn would have a reason to show up? Feb 25, 2014 2:26:38 GMT
jayRIOT !: Ohh, that sounds fun >:) Feb 25, 2014 2:21:39 GMT
Hunter: I think Akita, Jordan, and Kaelynn should form a lycan lady club. Feb 25, 2014 2:00:17 GMT
Hunter: nothin' much. /finally/. I had a lot of schoolwork for a while there. But I'm kind of caught up now. Feb 25, 2014 1:57:19 GMT *
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